Ah, here it is, September! When I was a young girl, back in the days when we'd ride our dinosaurs to school, in a time before Crocs and Vans and other comfortable slip-on shoes were invented, in those days, we went back to school in September. Cruel September. Back-to-school month. Always after Labor Day, the signal that summer and fun were over. No more wearing white, no more gin & tonics in your thermos, no more summer.

September is sandwiched between hot August, with its last-minute vacations and trips to the beach, and October, the month of crunchy leaves, warm Santa Ana winds, dry skin and Halloween pumpkins.

Now, everyone goes back to school in August it seems. Our boy went back in the middle of the month. (Cruel, cruel world.) I now view September with ambivalence. Husband's and Dear Mom's birthdays are in September, so that's good. It's the month when we get back to business. Traffic in L.A. absolutely hits the wall in September. There are no holidays, with the exception of the aforementioned birthdays. It's a filler month, but no longer cruel. It holds the last summer holiday.

13 Labor Day weekends ago, I became a mother. (And what could be a better day to have a baby than LABOR DAY?)

This Labor Day, I'll be laboring on transcripts, which seems wrong, but what are you going to do?

I wish everyone a "meh" September.

[I noticed my blog posts for the last few months have been ridiculously sparse. I'm going to try to do better, but I make no promises.]


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