Mr. Katz is a Zombie is On the Loose! Eeeek!


Mr. Katz is a Zombie is on the loose! Eeeek!

It is with great excitement, and much bouncing, that we at announce--wait for it--Mr. Katz is a Zombie is now available for purchase as our custom illustrated paperback and the spectacular ebook version. Hurrah!

Catastrophe looms in North Goethalsburg!

When twelve-year-old J.D. is tricked into taking possession of a book of spells, his best friend turns their teacher into a zombie. The zombification of Mr. Katz creates general chaos and a not-so-terrific time for near-genius J.D.

Teamed with his best friend Rodney, twin troublemakers, and an obnoxious ghost, J.D. must figure out how to change Mr. Katz back from one of the undead before he:

1. Escapes the janitor’s closet;
2. Eats their brains;

3. Wears J.D.’s spleen as a hat.

Can four boys armed with a slingshot, two boxes of jelly donuts, and a handy zombie guide battle their mindless teacher and live to tell?

Probably not.

You’ll have to read to find out.

Here is the cast of characters:

J.D.: 12 years old. A young man of many interests: Geography, cryptozoology, cartography. He’s memorized the state capitals as well as most of the Periodic Table of the Elements. Almost fearless. He has a passport that is empty and he really wants to fill it. He also happens to be able to communicate with ghosts--not a skill he wanted, but it comes in handy with the family business. Life goals: He wants to be a lawyer.

Rodney: Also 12. J.D.’s best friend. Possesses exceptional yo-yo skills, is a fan of most foods, can ride a unicycle, has top-notch dance moves, and impresses the ladies--young and old--without really trying. He has a great and massive head of hair.

Twins Ricky and Randy: Age 10. These two knuckleheads are adept at many things. Unfortunately, detention is one of them. But they rise to the challenge when called and are tough as nails. Main talent: J.D annoyance.

Mr. Katz is a Zombie can be found at Thematic Attic Children’s Educational Store,, Barnes & Noble, Ingram Content, and other fine retailers.
Happy reading, and don’t let anyone accidentally turn you into a zombie!

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