Valentine’s Kisses, and Giveaway

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First off, thank you to The Indelibles blog for hosting this fun Indie-Kissing Blogfest. (Blowing air kisses.)

Who doesn’t like to kiss? Kissing is one of my favorite things. Fortunately, the books I write, even the short stories, are genres where I’ve been able to include kissing scenes. Personally, I much prefer writing about relationships and love as opposed to horror and violence. But that’s just me.

In honor of Valentine’s Day—the ultimate day for kissing—I’ve included an excerpt from my recently-published romantic comedy Finding a Man for Sylvia. In this scene, the heroine, Julia Hawthorne-Florez, a romantic at heart who is determined to find matches for all of the lonely souls in the world—describes the first time she meets her love, Javier.


“Come with me,” he said, taking me by the hand. The spark again. It was like a charge of energy coursing through my body; even my toes tingled. I had the most intense desire to jump him; it was strange.

He took me to a spare corner of backyard behind the garage, passing party guests—a group disproportionately made up of drunken bikers—looked into my eyes and asked, “Do you mind if I kiss you?”

It was so nice that he asked first, and unexpected. There had been so many frogs, I’d lost count.

“I’d mind if you didn’t kiss me,” I answered, turning my mouth up to meet his.

And then he kissed me. I practically heard The Crystals singing their song about the wonder of new love. It was like The Wall of Sound in the background. It was heat and passion; our own new symphony. But it wasn’t all lust and animal attraction. Trite as it may sound, we connected that night on an emotional level, the same way any two people in the world who’d experienced too many lonely nights would.

We stayed up all night talking, and when the sun rose and he told me, “I will love you for the rest of my life” in a voice choked with emotion, it wasn’t weird or obsessive, because I felt the same way. He held me close, his lips brushing the top of my head, and I repeated his words back to him, “I will love you for the rest of my life.”

Sometimes life is like that. Sometimes things are that simple...


Thank you to all who have stopped by today! And now for the giveaway. Today, I will be giving away author signed custom Finding a Man for Sylvia bookmarks to five random commenters. They are very cool (and your friends will all want one when they get a look at them). Simply leave a comment with your email address. On Sunday, February 17th, I will notify the winners to let them know they’ve won.


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