Behind the Story: "Hiccup, the Burping Dog"

Well, there's not much to say about this story, because it's true. Our dog burps and shares. He walks up to us as if he's about to deliver some important pronouncement and burps. The funny thing (besides the actual behavior itself) is that I've never known another dog to do this, at least not with as much regularity. There may be some of you out there who've known burping dogs or currently own them. If so, please share your stories. It's very funny and we do wonder why (gastric torsion/bloat has been ruled out). Does he swallow too much air when he gulps his food? Don't all dogs do that? Chance is a very quirky dog, as already referenced in my post "The Dog Who Looks Up." My mom theorizes that he continues to share with us because we give him a reaction. No reaction, no burp. Who knows? Chance is his own dog, burps and all.

If you want something short and silly, then this is the story for you.

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