Bragging: Updated

Warning:  It's so obnoxious when parents go on and on about their child's latest accomplishments.  No one wants to hear it, with the exception of close friends and relatives (well, really not even they, Husband reminds me).  Proceed no further if you wish to avoid such boasting, bragging, puffery, etc.

You may know that this has been Charlie's first year at the impossible-to-get-into charter "academy" and we were crossing our fingers that the year would go well for him. (Read my posts “Ch-Ch-Changes” and “Prospect of Middle School” from earlier in the school year.)

A couple weeks ago, we received a very formal invitation to the impossible-to-get-into charter academy's year's end academic awards ceremony. Included with the invitation was a note letting us know that Charlie was going to receive an award! Being new to the school this year, we really had no idea what to expect...  

Tonight was Charlie's awards ceremony. A nice affair, the ceremony recognized the outstanding student in each academic discipline as well as art and music. All this led up to their big awards; outstanding academic "Top Student" for each junior high grade.  

Charlie won the outstanding student awards for both music and art, which were completely unexpected and for which he was very happy.  

Then the final awards of the night were given out...  

The top award for 6th grade went to... Drumroll... Our guy.  Charlie looked as surprised as we must have: Top 6th Grade Student at the impossible-to-get-into charter school.

As Charlie's award says...
“in recognition for Academic Excellence as”
"Top 6th Grade Student"

We're so happy and thankful to have such a good kid.  His homeroom teacher, his music teacher, and his science teacher all had very nice things to say about him.  His homebase teacher, who presented the award, gave a lovely speech about Charlie explaining how he was chosen by all of the 6th grade teachers and that “My husband even knows him because he’s what I talk about during dinner.”  

After all of the anxiety we went through at the beginning of the year and just before, the uncertainty about pulling him away from his old friends and his comfort zone, to have this validation that we made the right decision is extraordinary for us.

It's so good to have something to be happy about.  Please forgive me for this indulgence, but I just can't contain myself.  Life is very good tonight.

Thursday, June 11, 2009 - Update...

Well, Charlie came home today after his final school assembly of the year with... Another award? He was voted, by his fellow students, as overall Student of the Year!

As Charlie's other award says...
“For outstanding citizenship and effort is awarded”
"Student of the Year"


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