Behind the Story: "Charlie's Hats"

Why "Charlie's Hats"..? Husband and I gave my mother-in-law a digital photo frame last Christmas and Husband loaded about 1,200 pictures of us onto it. (It's amazing how many digital photos you take and never print out, isn't it?) Anyway, we had the photo frame sitting on the kitchen table for a few days before giving it to her, and we noticed that there were a lot of pictures of our son wearing different hats with accompanying pieces of clothing he'd cobble together to create whatever character he was playing. There he was inside his homemade cardboard spaceship with his astronaut helmet on. In another picture he wore his pith helmet with vest full of tools -- insect net, magnifying glass, and compass. Then there was the picture of him in his pirate hat and kerchief burying his treasure chest in a corner of the backyard.

Our son has always had a collection of hats. He sometimes puts on a special baseball cap onto which he's taped his "Bug Busters" logo, then he dons his bug-busting gear (the kind one needs when catching grasshoppers in the neighbor's yard). He then releases the grasshoppers into a more hospitable location (like the school up the street). He's recruited the kids across the street to join his team, and last summer they caught and relocated a great many grasshoppers (who were destined to meet an untimely end at the hands of our plant-obsessed neighbor).

He has many more hats with accompanying adventures and is the inspiration behind my story. How many of us wear different hats without really realizing it?

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