New Tricks for a Somewhat Older Dog

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Intuitively I know that change can be a good thing, but for me, change often falls into the category of it's good for you, like eating your vegetables or cutting donuts out of your diet. Not always the most fun; sometimes a challenge. I'm also not technically savvy (Husband is laughing right now). That's a bit of an understatement. I guess I feel like my brain can only hold so much at one time, so I prefer or choose what I want to cram in there (because once I push something in, something has got to come out. And I have a lot of useless trivia in there).

So not being one to jump on the bandwagon of whatever the latest hi-tech device is, I did something really cutting-edge. I ordered a state-of-the-art steno machine of the future. Why? Good question. Well, one reason is my old workhorse machine may be starting to have problems. Anyway, the salesman that I spoke with, Carmen, assured me that my new LightSpeed steno machine "Is going to freak you out." Reassuring; right?

Old vs. New: My Stentura vs. my new LightSpeed.

A little nervously, I hook up the LightSpeed (trying not to freak out). It's okay. I've been writing on a traditional machine for a looooong time now. This one is completely different. It's going to take a while to dial it in and adapt, but I'll be happier in the long run. Um, I hope. Crossing fingers.

So sometimes change is good, but I really don't like cutting out the donuts.

Another job down: Read my LightSpeed Update.


For sister Kathy: Hang in there. Remember, you're good enough, you're smart enough, and, doggone it, people like you. You're so very talented; those with less talent don't always get it or appreciate it. (But they don't have their own nursery chime written about them now, do they?)

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