LightSpeed Update

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I reread my post "New Tricks..." and what I really meant to say is that I'm not a fan of change, and, if given the choice, would rather take a nap than have to learn something new (when it comes to technology. I do love to read and learn, it's just the tech stuff I'm not so good with). I'm thankful for my reporting career in that it's forced me to actually use a computer and not be a complete Luddite.

Besides getting my hands and body used to the LightSpeed, I was concerned about just getting my head wrapped around the whole thing. It is really different and I had visions of holding this thing on my lap and just kind of forgetting that I was taking a depo, getting distracted and, all of a sudden, I'm not writing anything. Okay, that's crazy, but I was a little angst-ridden about the whole thing.

After my first depo with it, I feel that my head is there. Now it's the dialing-in part. I had an untran rate of almost 4 percent (which is huge) and will be adding a lot of slop to my dictionary. Aside from that, my hand and arm didn't suffer. Apparently I'm a pounder (that sounds funny) and since the touch is so light, the LS is much easier on me. Hooray!

So I think I'll survive this change, but the only other change I want (at least for a while) will be in my pocket.


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